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Coming out of the shadows, DC may finally be catching on to the dark and or experimental movement that’s been sweeping the rest of the country for some time now. One of the exciting new bands that’s helping carry this weight is Cavale. They fuse layers of rhythmic percussion with dark electronics and haunting vocals. I lobbed a handful of questions over to member Jeffrey Prosser to get a clearer image of the group, and get people in the DMV clued into the show they’re playing this friday with LA’s amazingly murky Bestial Mouths. Here’s how we all broke down:

Denman: Let’s start simple. I’ve heard four different people say your name four different ways. What is the correct pronunciation of “Cavale”?

Jeffrey Prosser: We pronounce it “ka-VȮL”. The name was chosen without fanfare. It continues to reveal itself as the perfect name for us.

D: Who does what in the band, and how long have you been together?

J: Meg Walsh sings and plays synth, Ivan Khilko plays synth and electronics, Jeffrey Prosser plays percussion and electronics. There’s a tremendous amount of crossover behind the scenes, we collaborate freely.

D: What is the premise of Cavale, and how do you express that idea?

J: Cavale create and perform music to exorcise ghosts. We hope our work speaks to people in some way. We’re essentially a modern blues act.

D: Do you draw influence more from contemporary or past artists, and who might they be?

J: I’d say we’re far more influenced by our own lives than by other artists. We enjoy Suburban Lawns, X-Ray Spex, Bow Wow Wow, Shriekback, The Units, Chris & Cosey, Kas Product, Ike Yard, Xmal Deutschland, Nina Hagen, Bush Tetras, The Banshees, early calypso, dub, spirituals, although we sound nothing like any of them.

D: What is your opinion of the DC music scene right now? Do you feel there is an underground? What do you think about this small scene of underground dark culture in DC right now?

J: There is a criminally small but tight knit community of people who share our interests. There are individuals and collectives working very hard to bring amazing artists and events to DC. See Black Boots March (Author’s note: This is actually my events guide).

D: How did you get on the the bill with Bestial Mouths, and what excited you about that group?

J: Bestial Mouths represent a perfect balance of seduction and confrontation. I (Jeffrey) wrote them an embarrassingly effusive email, suggested Cavale would be a brilliant band for them to play alongside.

D: Explain Thirsty and Miserable.

J: Thirsty and Miserable is the name under which I host and promote live music and art events. T&M also release music and publications in limited edition hard and soft formats. See,,

D: What does Cavale have in the works, both music and show wise?

J: Cavale is very excited to be playing alongside Bestial Mouths and Fainting Spellss at Comet Ping Pong on Friday, July 12. We’re playing at Galaxy Hut in Arlington on Sunday, July 14 with Iron Galaxy and NTRN, and will play with Velvet Acid Christ, The Twilight Garden, and DJ Project Two on October 6 at Ottobar in Baltimore.

Cavale perform this Friday at Comet Ping Pong
Along with Bestial Mouths from LA, and Fainting Spellss


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  1. Thirsty and Miserable motherfucker

    Jul 11, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    I find Cavale to be the dopest, flyest, O.G. pimp hustler, gangster, player, hardcore motherfucker living today. To be honest I’m totally and irrevocably on his dick.

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