GIVING BACK: Kevin Durant is Donating $10 Million to P.G. County


Something that needs to be spotlighted before hometown hero Kevin Durant returns to the area as part of the Golden State Warriors: it’s been reported that the NBA star is donating a whopping $10 million to P.G. County to help disadvantaged kids. It’s all in partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools and after school program College Track, which — as you’d guess from the title — helps kids move into the higher learning phase via a 10-year program involving tutoring, resources and more.

[NOTE: This is definitely not the first time Durant has given back to where he came from, either.]

Not only the College Track launch this year, one of three College Track facilities planned for the D.C. area will be housed in the Durant Center, which will be in Durant’s hometown Seat Pleasant.

You can read more on this awesomeness here. In related news, it looks like the Warriors — who have declined to visit the White House —
will be spending some time visiting Durant’s old stomping ground as well.


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