Get Fed Episode 9 Triple Double Case of “Why”



This is episode 9 of #GetFed: your go to resource for food porn and nonsense hosted by Marcus Bradley Donovan (The Pasteurized Chef) and DJ/producer/fast food addict zacheser.

Produced by One Love Massive Studios.


1. Krispy Kreme has announced a box of Power Rangers inspired donuts in anticipation of the upcoming film from Lionsgate and Saban Films. The donuts, which will be cream filled, will feature the various 5 colors famously donned by the superheroes and will be adorned with their signature lightning bolt from the logo. They will be available for a limited time and can be found in select Krispy Kreme stores.

2. In-N-Out has announced that their next pop up location will be in Shanghai. The burger chain, known for its cult like status and for being a West Coast mainstay, has been doing pop-ups intermittently to bring their signature burgers to the mouths of cities all over the world as a means of spreading their animal style love. It’s rumored that the March 22 pop up will only have around 200 burgers.

3. Weeks after being declared the top nuggets in the country, Wendy’s has low key pulled their spicy nuggets off the menu of the majority of locations in the continental U.S. At this time, there seems to be no plans to reintroduce them at a national scale, but fans are hopeful.

4. Coors Brewing Company has revealed their plans to bring Zima back for a limited time. Originally touted as “zomething different,” this follows the wave of other 90’s beverage resurgences such as Hi-C Ecto Cooler and Surge.

5. Food Network is bringing back Iron Chef America. The reboot, titled Iron Chef Gauntlet, will be a 6 episode series with Alton Brown returning as host alongside chefs Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto, and Michael Symon. It premieres on April 16.

With Arby’s Meat Mountain adding a fish filet to the already ridiculous monstrosity and Little Caesars new Smokehouse Pizza, it’s clear hybrid foods are on trend. For this week’s pantry, we are gonna list our three favorite hybrid food items: things that shouldn’t work together, but do work together.

We are trying out the Spicy Triple Double Crunchwrap from Taco Bell: a menu item designed with the sole purpose to make you colon quiver in fear.






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