Get Fed | Episode 17: Jeff Goldblum Can Come Get It



This is episode 17 of #GetFed: your go to resource for food porn and nonsense hosted by Marcus Bradley Donovan (The Pasteurized Chef) and DJ/producer/fast food addict zacheser.

Produced by The OLM Creative Factory.

Food News

1. After Pete Wells trashed L.A. based, socially conscious fast food joint Locol, LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold has named the restaurant best restaurant of the year. This comes at a time when the standalone location has revealed that they have been losing money since Wells’s zero star review. Thoughts on Locol being named by LA Times as the best restaurant of the year.

2. Thanks to lobbying by the food industry, it looks like the display of nutritional information in restaurants has been delayed again. Initially set to go in effect on May 5, the federal guidelines are a provision of 2010’s Affordable Care Act and it appears that the lobbying is on behalf of the grocery store and convenience store industries. Thoughts on the recent delay of displaying nutritional facts in restaurants.

3. McDonald’s announced that they will be phasing out the popular Hi-C Orange beverage from all of their locations starting on the first of May. Since the announcement, there has been quite bit of backlash from persons on social media sparking a firestorm of disappointment. This comes with the news that the drink will be replaced with a new, exclusive tropical berry version of Sprite as a promotion with Coca Cola. Thoughts on McDonald’s replacing Hi-C Orange.

4. Taco Bell will start having a tasting counter in May. The chain claims that it will be similar to a chef’s table experience, serving individuals exclusive items not typically found in Taco Bell stores. The event will be open to the public starting May 19, but reservations are scant – only 23 reservations at a time with plus ones. Thoughts on Taco Bell’s new culinary experience.

5. Hostess has finally revealed a chocolate cake version of the Twinkie. That is all.

The Pantry

With the summer season right around the corner, there’s an expectation for fresh, season ingredients to be reintroduced to our palettes. From corn to avocado to quinoa to roasted peppers, this is the season for fresh eats. This week, we’re going to list our favorite food trends that are going to start popping up again during the summer.

Eat of the Week
We are taste driving Burger King’s Steakhouse King sandwich: two flame-broiled patties, American cheese, onion straws, and A-1 barbecue sauce on a sesame seed bun. Our buttholes are angry at us.



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