Get Fed | Episode 14: Guv’ment Cheez



This is episode 14 of #GetFed: your go to resource for food porn and nonsense hosted by Marcus Bradley Donovan (The Pasteurized Chef) and DJ/producer/fast food addict zacheser.

Produced by One Love Massive Studios.


1. Pepsi has been at the heart of a debacle after releasing a tone deaf advertisement last week. The ad, which featured Kendall Jenner, featured a protest which eventually was quelled after Jenner approaches law enforcement with a Pepsi cola. Many argue that the advertisement appropriates struggle for the sake of consumerism. The ad was pulled after 24 hours with Pepsi eventually making a public apology not long after.

2. Outlets are reporting that chef José Andrés and Donald Trump have settled their legal dispute. The suit was filed against Andrés after the chef pulled out of a planned restaurant inside of Trump’s D.C. hotel due to offensive remarks towards Mexican immigrants. Exact terms to the settlement have not been disclosed.

3. Insight Editions will be releasing an official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza cookbook. The cookbook. which will be released in May, will feature over 65 recipes with pizza, smoothies, cookies, and more.

4. Portland based doughnut shop Voodoo is suspending eating challenges after someone choked to death in one of their locations on April 3. The popular challenge asked individuals to try and finish a half pound donut in 80 seconds or less.

5. McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce, which was available for a limited time as a promotional item when the Disney film Mulan was in theaters, has been going for close to $200 a packet on the internet following the season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty. The episode featured one of the titular characters on a hunt for the sauce which has driven its cult fanbase to turn to the internet to search for the sauce packets.


It was announced recently that Mountain Dew will be releasing a new variation of their product shortly called Spiked Lemonade. While the product will be non-alcoholic, it does boast an injection of prickly pear cactus juice. This week on The Pantry, we are going to discuss our favorite “spiked” beverages be it a refreshing malt beverage or a specialty flavor of a favorite thirst quencher.


Based on a comment made during the show last week, the Eat of the Week is going to be a taste test of epic proportions. Who has the best classic cheeseburger? Is it McDonald’s? BK? Wendy’s? Who has the best guv’ment cheez to bun ratio? Find out.




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