Get Excited for November’s Feel The Love!


Only one Feel the Love this month, so come on out for an amazing night!!

What is Feel the Love?

It’s an open mic night at Flash hosted by One Love Massive featuring Champion Sound. The band, Champion Sound, consists of a 5 piece band which includes John Jazz on Sax and the Mic, Acee Fuller III on drums, Glynn Pettiford on bass and sometimes drums, Lalo Torres on Congas, Besufekad Tadesse on soprano sax, Kareem on the keys, Joe Brotherton on Trumpet, Kumera Zekaris on guitar and the oh so talented Edy Blu, the band’s female vocalist.

Feel the Love, Live is bringing back live music to DC’s nightlife with a new twist. Known for their killer sound system and dance floor Flash is the least likely place you would expect to find such an amazing live music concept but its working, really well. Who else can boast the best sound system in a small club in DC AND really good live music? Flash is setting the pace for the future of DC nightlife, straight up.

Feel The Love Promo 3 from OneLoveMassive on Vimeo.

It’s an open mic format, all the music is 100% improv. It’s a beautiful thing to watch these musicians create such good music right before your eyes. Everyone is a part of the energy, whether you are watching or on the mic yourself. This is entertainment; its authentic and organic and real.

Only one Feel the Love this month, so come on out for an amazing night!!

Feel the Love Promo | John Jazz from OneLoveMassive on Vimeo.

Doors open at 8pm and the band gets going around 930. Come early and sign up for the open mic or just hang out and enjoy what’s going on. We are not lying when we tell you this is the best thing we have been a part of yet. We really hope to see you there.

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