Fool’s Gold Records Drops Wheez-ie – Deadbolt for Free



The increasingly versatile and sought after Wheez-ie keeps popping up on a multitude of radars. Maybe it’s his creativity, maybe it’s his timing, maybe it’s his genre bending. Whatever the case, Wheez-ie has been making the rounds this year, to be certain.

And now he’s been loosed via another major player in the producer game, Fool’s Gold Records. This on point label just dropped a free tune from Wheez-ie titled Deadbolt. And what can we say? It’s a beast. This ear burning track combines the best of progressive bass, footwork, club, grime, jungle juke, and more.

With an eerie, almost Exit Records style intro, Wheez-zie goes straight in with hard grimey snyths, footwork toms, clubbish samples. Even with the quickened pace, things still stay ominous and menacing in the mix. Shifting in and out with subtle dynamics, Deadbolt stays locked in before coasting out over an extremely cinematic breakdown that eventually crashes into round two of foot-worked fury.

Even on top of his game, Wheez-ie keeps ever upward and onward, skill-wise, with each piece he breathes life in to. Wheez-ie’s Deadbolt is a force to be reckoned with, that will put a screw on any face and get any bassed out crowd flipped. It’s a win all round.

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  1. tigga

    Jun 4, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    this song is unlistenable

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