Essential News And Views — 10/27/16 — Come To Feel The Love And Experience OLM’s Explosive Evolution



Marcus K. Dowling

Feel the Love, aka One Love Massive’s homage to all things both turnt-up and bohemian in hip-hop culture returns to Flash tonight. Yes, there’s a current-era groundbreaker and an OG legend of DC’s urban musical scene both scheduled to be in the building. However, it’s more in realizing that Feel The Love has become more of an extension of what’s happening on a daily basis at One Love Massive’s 631 T St. NW headquarters that’s *actually* important.

There’s a triangulation between One Love Massive’s headquarters, Flash, and the Howard Theatre that maybe hasn’t been seen in music since the days of the Brill Building when singers, songwriters, and publishers were centrally located between Broadway’s box offices and street-corner pop melodies. This may sound like hogwash or too forward-thinking to some, but when you stop by 631 T Street, NW, there’s literally producer/rappers like Nature Boi and the Dope Music Village, tastemakers aplenty, literal living legends of the past decade of DC music like Wale and Curren$y co-signed Tone P, GOOD Music cosigned percussionist Malik the Drummer, industry professionals and so many more in the building at the exact same time. For as much as you could buy a DCASFUCK shirt there, it’s probably just as easy to soak in the inspiration for the next era of urban classics there, too.

Energy isn’t created from a vibe in the air. Rather, it’s created as the off-shoot of collisions between people, places and things. When you put massive energy into confined spaces, explosive potential is the output. For 15 years, One Love Massive created all sorts of energy, and a vibe that has floated about the city, ending up on signs, at venues, and on people’s backs. However, when you put OLM’s into two very confined spaces, and directly across the street from one of the few remaining, untainted bastions to African-American history and classic Nation’s Captial culture in #newDC, there’s an explosive result that’s on the cusp of occurring.

For many of you in Washington, DC right now, the description of what’s happening at OLM’s Headquarters may sound completely bizarre. However, for what is currently a very small percentage of creatives in the Nation’s Capital, it’s reality. And, if you listen to the music they’re making and experiences they’re getting in evolving their craft, it’s becoming more an exceptional rule and expectation, not the exception to the rule.

Feel The Love starts tonight at 9 PM and is 21+.

Feel the energy of One Love Massive’s explosive evolution live.

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