Empresarios: El Sonido Magico Review


Empresarios: El Sonido Magico

Washington DC’s own Empresarios released their sophomore album today worldwide making this an important day for this city. The Empresarios have come a long way over the last couple years, blazing a new path at every turn. This new album is a true reflection on the growth of the group and the maturity of their bond is evident in the music created together. What I am hearing today is years of hard work, friendship, creativity, culture and relativity. The Empresarios are hot, super hot and representing our city proper.

The opening track with conga player and front man Javier Miranda welcomes you into a world where you already know things are going to be different and in a very awesome way. The opening track Salsa De Gala kicks the album with all the fire and flavor you would expect from the group on their next big jump. Quinto Nivel also jumps right in with some serious bass looming in the background while Javier keeps a killer yet organic beat on track. The vocals and harmonies are coming together very nicely on this album and in particular on this track.

Volume is one of the highlights of this disk for me and for so many reasons. After spending so many countless rehearsals from the group I’ve heard many versions of this song and I couldn’t be more impressed with the new additions. You can hear the snare from the drummer Anthony Gary, the rapid fire super funky yet super low key funkline from Javier Miranda on his congas, while his brother Frankie Rosado delivers smooth and perfectly harmonized melodies with his partner in crime Felix Perez. What really gets me on this track is the added instrumentation flair and presence from Paul Chaconas and the ever-present 808 bass from the one and only John Bowen. All of the influences are here, this album is showing the true diversity of the group while combining forces to deliver Latin House, and let’s face it… it just sounds good.

Here’s another one for you… Latin Reggae, and I’m not talking about Reggaeton. Empresarios bring the heat on the down tempo vibe in Rompan Fila. It’s good, really good, and it flows and makes you wanna bounce. Need I say more? There is an anthem on this disk and when it hits, it’s gonna be Worldwide, mark my words. Here you go, enjoy Sentimiento Latino, you will be hearing a lot of this, and soon.  7th Street Groove makes me feel like I’m cruising around the city and stirs up more of that ever-present love I have for DC. Yay 🙂

At this point I feel I should leave you to your own journey and discovery of the album, I promise you it’s worth it. Support your local bands making it big by buying music and seeing shows, these guys wont disappoint. Being the founder of a music-based company has a lot of perks, knowing the Empresarios on a personal level is one of them. This is a group of truly talented individuals who are also friends. There is a bond there that you can hear in the music. I know I am biased by the years of listening to these guys create music together but I can proudly and honestly say that this is good work, really good work.

I love hearing more of Paul Chaconas on bass and guitar because it shows more of his abilities as a musician and not just a producer. There are real instruments being played here, its not all samples and backtracks. The Empresarios have substance and style but stay relevant and current. John Bowen is DC’s golden child; he is loved by many and for many reasons. His constant presence in the now is what keeps that 808 bass pumping, its what’s keeps your ass moving and its what’s going to bridge the gap to the next generation of kids and real music. If there is one thing One Love Massive has learned is that the kids love bass and John Bowen delivers mucho bass on this one, aye dios mio!

My final thoughts…

This album is fucking solid. Buy it. Like it. Share it. Support local. Put it in your car, on your iPod, your iPad, your grandma’s mp3 player, your home stereo, put it on wherever you are and turn that shit up. Let’s let people know that DC has a music scene and its not all khakis and button downs, DC’s got flava and its called The Empresarios…. “LATINO!”

Molly Ruland: Founder of One Love Massive

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