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It’s been a minute since we talked about our favorite Aussie powerhouse, Dylan Sanders, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been trucking along, gaining global domination. To play catch up with this inexhaustible talent, we thought we’d post, not one, but TWO of his more recent free downloads.

Diving right in with the most current, this House Of Pain vs Pyramyth will simply melt your mind. It’s got all the fire of festival dubstep, sent into overdrive with the perfectly fitting eternal anthem, Jump Around. Seriously, if this one doesn’t make you go hard, you must need a pill.

Up next, an equally hype track in its own way, Dylan Sanders presents a “re-dub” of Dizzee Rascal’s Flex. Here he takes a foot mover of a grime track, and kicks back the breaks. This one will get your groovin to the beat for sure.

There now, take these Dylan Sanders, and return to the world with a blaze of glory.


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