Dorothy Raises Hell at The Rock & Roll Hotel


Kate Toth 

I stumbled upon Dorothy during a late night insomnia fueled YouTube run.  One of my favorite bands to stalk on YouTube is Halestorm and YouTube surprisingly recommended “Raise Hell” by Dorothy and I was instantly hooked. Dorothy Martin’s voice beamed in my ears as I maxed the volume in my basement. I jumped on google to find out if  they had been on tour with Halestorm because they seemed like a great pairing for a show, but guess who was coming to the infamous Rock and Roll Hotel on March 6th to share their sound with DC? FUCKING DOROTHY!! It was raining the night of the show so of course, I threw on a flannel, some red lipstick, and packed up the camera bag to go shoot the band in action. Not only was I already impressed that Dorothy is signed with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation,  they put on a ‘rip your heart out’ set! Songs like, “Medicine Man”, “Woman”, and “Shelter” to show their raw, sultry sound. They gave me goosebumps the entire time they were onstage AND couldn’t help but leave feeling confidently inspired by Dorothy Martin’s GIVE NO FUCKS and TAKES NO SHIT persona she definitely has gained a lifetime fan in me.


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