Don’t Miss Tee Con 2017!


The 2nd Annual Tee Con returns to the Washington Convention Center this May, and you don’t want to miss it! The ultimate T-Shirt Convention and Trade Show will have take over the Convention Center on May 13 with over 30 vendors selling amazing products. We’re talking urban wear. Shoes. Fashion. Everything!

The convention will also feature education on branding and merchandising for young businesses and eager entrepreneurs in the the form of live panel discussions. These will be populated by some of the leaders in the industry and are sure to informative and engaging.

And for all that, you only have to spend ten bucks. That’s right, TICKETS ARE $10! So take advantage know and buy your tickets. If you love shirts, or need to upgrade your wardrobe, or just want to learn and help your own business grow, then this is the Convention for you!



Vikki Johnson: Soul Wealth Morning Kickoff Workshop “Keeping You Financially Inspired”

Grindstone Universal Founder Darel Dawson “All You Need to Know From the Underground”

DC Foundation presents: Christine Brooks-Cropper “Focus on the Fashion + Quality Merchandising and Manufacturing”

Confirmed Vendors:

Grindstone Universal
One Love Massive
Glass of Water
Paula Bannerman
Soul & Ink
DC Stunt Coalition
Corinto Gallery*
Black fox & Cheeks Denim
Ken Char
M.M Body
Framed Leather
C-Krush Skateboards
Cookie Wear


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