Doah Fest 2017 Recap by Your girl Kate Toth



Last weekend I hit up the Shenandoah Valley for Doah fest 2017 and  linked up with the homie Yonah Levy of One Heart Retreats of DC and we had the opportunity to take in all the camping vibes. Theres nothing better then camping in a tent in the wilderness on an air mattress feeling like a home away from home, dressing it up for the cool valley breeze. I got to meet so many interesting people from tattoo artists, to fire spinners, to musicians of all energies & genres. Photographing this festival was one of the hi-lights of my summer, a true east coast low key festival experience. At night the moon was full and strong,  during the day the weather was perfect for floating down the river, and the morning yoga gave me the peace of mind I needed after a long exhausting week of work. It was a time! And I loved every moment of it and cannot wait until next year! #OneLove

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