DC Throwback Classic: A$AP Ferg Performs “Shabba” At Trillectro 2013



Here at One Love Massive, we obsess over history, appreciate the present and love the future. In that vein, we present a “DC Throwback Classic” every day that’s relevant to all three of these notions.

DC’s a strange market. The best thing about the city is that change here happens best in explosive moments that capitalize on our ability to be too small to be big and too big to be small.

By 2013’s second Trillectro event, the party had outgrown the Half Street Fairgrounds and created a situation where there was a space for an explosive happening to occur. Cramped people, trap music and millennial freedom exploded when A$AP Ferg touched Trillectro’s mainstage, and a star was born.

A$AP Ferg’s single “Shabba” is filled with all manner of absurdist fuckery that we don’t typically promote here on One Love Massive. However, for the purposes of studying how DC’s ability to evolve culture by doing astounding things in small spaces that cause ripple effects worldwide, watch the crowd’s response to Ferg and the A$AP Mob performing this track. It’s a fevered moment that for New York and LA marketers showcased that Ferg was an undeniable star.

Intriguingly, the real star in this moment is arguably everything but Ferg himself, as the track’s production, the people in the crowd, and the bizarre uniqueness of everything that Trillectro represented to underground-to-mainstream pop culture in 2013 take the cake.

This is a microcosm that showcases just how DC gets the job done.

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