DC Throwback Classic 8/19/16: Re: DC AS FUCK And Wu-Wear, The Garment Renaissance



“Not what you want, baby…it’s what you need, baby.”

DC AS FUCK. The garment renaissance.

Yes, One Love Massive is about to open an apparel store across the street from the Howard Theatre in NW DC.

Yes, this means that it’s time to make the comparison between the DC AS FUCK brand and the Wu-Tang Clan’s two-decade old Wu Wear brand.

Before you think that we’re crazy for doing this, just wait and read.

None other than one-time DC resident Jian DeLeon wrote the following about the Wu-Tang Clan’s iconic Wu Wear street fashion line:

Wu-Tang Clan executive producer Oliver “Power” Grant had always been looking for ways to channel the group’s fame and prestige into other venues — one of which was clothing. In the mid-’90s, riding high off the success of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Wu Wear was born. Envisioned as a full-on lifestyle brand, it eschewed the notions of collaborating with bigger companies and opted to sell its own branded clothing to capitalize on the group’s success.

In 25 years, the Wu-Tang Clan has emerged as a group of emcees that re-envisioned Staten Island, NY as a borough as karate enclave to being a global corporation with a logo that’s worn with pride worldwide. Similarly, One Love Massive is roughly just over a decade old, and is a DC-based LLC that’s re-envisioned the Nation’s Capital as a respect and peace-driven hub for progressive-minded creatives with a logo tee that’s slowly beginning to be worn worldwide.

Even furthermore to DeLeon’s point, One Love Massive is a full-on lifestyle brand that’s selling it’s own branded clothing to not just capitalize on our own success — but similar to Wu-Tang Clan — continue to push forward the worldwide embrace of the multi-faceted creative aesthetic of #newDC.

There’s a garment-as-renaissance that’s arrived in #newDC.


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