DC Throwback Classic 7/6/16: Marion Barry Discusses His Legacy On The Angela Yee Show In 2009



Here’s your daily reminder that context is everything.

As Washington, DC stares into it’s most intriguing of futures, it’s important that we don’t lose the best parts of the city’s past in this evolution. Thus, this 2009 interview between Marion Barry and NYC hip-hop radio queen Angela Yee must be presented. There’s a lot that can be said about Marion Barry. However, he makes a few salient points that MUST be considered.

They are noted as follows:

  • much of his life has been colored by 15-to-30 second sound bytes
  • He spent four decades helping poor people in the Nation’s Capital
  • He started the work of “rebuilding Washington” after the 1968 riots and “making it into a metropolis”
  • significantly increased the African-American middle class
  • brought Black Entertainment Television to Washington, DC

“In the black community, we’re more redemptive and more forgiving, and my opposition comes from a small number of blacks and a large number of whites [who are not redemptive].”

Consider the possibility¬†of DC’s statehood, and take a close look at DC’s “redemptive” population. There’s a number of things that can be extrapolated from that consideration.

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