Cool “Disco” Dan Made Us



Cool “Disco” Dan was the tag we all saw coming up and the rebellion that meant we were home. Those lines and those colors burned into our eyes and our souls setting fire to our illegal imaginations. Cool “Disco” Dan was the ultimate DC symbol of “fuck all of this”. He pushed the limits constantly in so many ways that none of us could never even possibly understand in this current landscape. He gave them a run at a time when DC was very different than it is now, he made us who we are. Tonight at One Love we send all of our best to those who have lost a friend and mentor this week, we appreciate all you have done for the community of artists who call the night their own.

Cool “Disco” Dan, thank you for inspiring years and generations of civil disobedience. Your impact on this city cannot be measured, you planted so many seeds of resistance in so many minds. You made us believe. Thank you Cool “Disco” Dan for letting us know we could express ourselves and light up the night with every color of the rainbow. Thank you for the faded paint and vivid dreams. Thank you for recognizing the gratitude in waking up with paint covered fingers and a renewed sense of freedom. Thank you for representing what we want to feel and are losing so quickly, real DC…old DC.

I know the taggers and can kids will light up all the walls in your honor tonight and every night. We lost another hero last year, DABS. He left us way too soon as well but we will never let his memory or his tags fade and we will do the same for you. Im sorry we didn’t take better care of you, I hope you are in the biggest free paint store in the sky running thru it grabbing all the tips and cans you could ever want. I hope you are looking down at us and smiling at all the little kids and the big kids throwing it up in your honor. Thank you for letting us know it was ok to challenge everything with a little can control and a dope hand style. You awoke the best parts of me and so many more, I will do my best to honor that as long as I am in this city you made feel like the best place in the world.

Respect in Peace
Thank you

words by M. Ruland

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  1. getitright

    Aug 6, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    it’s Cool “Disco” Dan. the quotations are important.

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