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Hey folks and welcome to the latest and greatest from Wednesdays With Andrew, your weekly overdose of punk (and punkish) rock!

I hate it when people call things ‘fire’…but this week we do indeed have a smoldering episode for your listening pleasure. Packed with bad ass tunes from bands like FIDLAR, The Frights, Open City, Infected Mushroom, Fury 66, Voodoo Glow Skulls and more. 

Listen NOW:

Here’s the web player link for all you iframe haters


Liner notes:


  1. Alcohol by FIDLAR
  2. Moon over Marin by Dead Kennedys
  3. Voodoo Anthem by Voodoo Glow Skulls
  4. Kangaroo Pocket by Rozwell Kid
  5. CRUTCH by The Frights
  6. Restraints by Fury 66
  7. Harness your hopes by Pavement
  8. Hell hath no fury by Open City
  9. Converting vegetarians by Infected Mushroom

Fury 66! 

Image result for 66 plymouth fury

Go show these bands some good ole fashioned, non-creepy WWA love here:

The Frights


Open City


Here’s that article I was talking about, nazis moving into Fredericksburg.  #sad 

Uh remember when Chevy Chase was in a paul simon music video? Catch ya all next week!

Image result for chevy chase paul simon gif


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