Collective Spotlight: Picnibus



If there were more than one of the spastic and fantastic band known as Picnibus in the DC Metropolitan area, it’s entirely possible that something in the Nation’s Capital would implode from the sonic and creative impact. The band themselves note that they embrace a range of influences that include (but are not limited to) “spaghetti western pulp twang, bizarre hyper-rock orchestration, sci-fi neo-noir jazz, uneasy disco grunge, and theatrically lyrical hip hop.

So, let’s get that straight again. This is a bizarre, uneasy and theatrical country jazz act with disco rock-rap influences. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but once they hit the stage, we assure you it all makes sense. Songwriting is their forte though, and on this wildly diverse bed of sound, Sri Lankan-American vocalist navi discusses everything from mating habits of honey bee and how to properly hide one’s foreign accent to defunding Latin in public schools and the advantages of clean jeans.

Again, this band is real, and they’re wonderful.

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