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Collective Spotlight: Ardamus


Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Ardamus (also known as Artemis Thompson) was always addicted to doing hip hop music. He blames it on the Raps Greatest Hits, Eric B. & Rakim, and N.W.A. tapes his sister would have around and let him hear from time to time. He’s a clever and witty lyricist whose been in the game a long time. He couldn’t be a teacher because……well…..lets face, he has a phobia of kids, and believes that pandhandling is not attractive to women. So instead, he has a day job, produces, and raps.

In addition to his successful solo rap career, Ardamus is also one of the lead vocals for fellow Collective members The Lucky So & So’s.

Contained within the One Love Massive family is a collective of over 150 artists that include bands, DJs, rap emcees, and both male and female vocalists representing all musical genres. Ideally, the collective is a physical representation of the belief that music is a unifying force that defies all classifications and can unite the Nation’s Capital as one massive city. One Love Massive takes no money from our collective artists, intending to rewrite the the music business one local artist at a time. 

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