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Collective Spotlight: allthebestkids


allthebestkids bring Alternative Hip Hop to the main stage with their unique blend of Rap, Rock, Funk and Soul. Formed in early 2012 by six talented musicians, this eclectic bunch is a glowing presence in the DC music scene.

The group includes front-man Cody Valentine, Anya Ross on vocals, Christiana Vandermale on keys and vocals, guitarist Will Pierce, bassist Kevin Kask, Rob Rose on the keys, David Whitehead on the sax, Wes Boling on trombone, and Erik Desrosiers on drums.

Contained within the One Love Massive family is a collective of over 150 artists that include bands, DJs, rap emcees, and both male and female vocalists representing all musical genres. Ideally, the collective is a physical representation of the belief that music is a unifying force that defies all classifications and can unite the Nation’s Capital as one massive city. One Love Massive takes no money from our collective artists, intending to rewrite the the music business one local artist at a time. 

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