Collective Members The Lucky So & So’s to Record Music for Upcoming TV Show




11133886_802687623149047_1569451238554679238_nCollective members The Lucky So & So’s have a lot of big news forthcoming, one of which is this: The band will be recording the theme song for upcoming pilot of East Coast Grow. They will also be recording other music for episode as well. What is the show about you ask? According to the show’s website, “East Coast Grow is a  fictional comedy series about DC’s marijuana industry. The series follows a group of industry professionals as they attempt to navigate DC’s landscape of medical cultivation and broader legalization with well-intentioned enthusiasm, which often results in more trouble than they expect.”
Sounds awesome right? This collaboration is what makes us so excited about the energy and spirit of Washington, DC. Filming and creating a show in and about DC is a fantastic way to broadcast the city and culture, and teaming up with local artists helps give back and support the community. We would love to ensure this show succeeds, in part so we can brag about a talented OLM Collective member creating the theme song for a great show. You can help by watching the episode (and loving it). There will be a launch party on April 16th that will feature a screening & panel, Live Music (from The Lucky So & So’s themselves) and a cash bar. Let’s continue to show love to DC by supporting all things local and creative.

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