Cody Valentine Makes Metroid Notorious



Cody Valentine, a member of One Love Massive friends, All The Best Kids, just dropped this amazing diamond in the rough. It popped on our radar a few days ago, but we’re glad we chose today to check it out. Somehow this is the prefect antidote to dealing with this unceasingly miserable weather (if you’re in the DMV like we are).

Valentine has made an unlikely pairing into an irresistible idea: He’s combined the timeless genius of the Notorious BIG, with the fandomed sounds of…..Metroid. Yes, you read that correctly. And while it certainly lives in its own world, it definitely delivers. This isn’t a single mashup or two, but an entire, well thought out, album, with thirteen tracks in total. It almost reminds us of something that might have come from the minds of Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, or DJ Shadow. Cody Valentine’s Notorious Samus takes the known by heart tight hooks of Biggie and lays them over an alien landscape of minimal cyber-hop sounds. Check out the teaser video for The Notorious Samus Theme, and then dig into the whole Notorious Samus theme. Rest in peace Mother Brain.

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