[CHECK OUT] Homelessly In Love: A Documentary


First, a quick synopsis:

Homelessly in Love is a feature-length documentary that follows the romantic lives of five men and women struggling with housing instability in D.C. Through universal love stories, it shines a light on the deep emotional impact of homelessness.

Now, why you should support this film financially (you can do so here, as well as check out more information on this project):

We now need more funds to wrap up post-production –including editing, music composition, color correction, outreach and distribution costs.

Additionally, 20% of all funds raised will go towards helping our protagonists and the Street Sense theater group, who created the heart of the soundtrack. Check out the “perks” section to see some examples of clothing and other items that each contribution will allow us to donate.

NOTE: Our fiscal sponsor Street Sense Media being a registered nonprofit, large donations to this campaign can be made tax-deductible. Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of our estimated expenses if we reach our funding goal:

Editing & color correction: $5,000
Music composition: $10,000
Sound production: $1,000
Donations to protagonists & collaborators: $4,000
With $20,000, we will be able to finish the film on a shoe-string budget: We were lucky to find professionals willing to give us significant discounts for editing and sound production services, because they love the project. But we will also have to pay for other highly technical post-production work that do not come cheap, including color correction and original music composition.

However, if we raise more funds, this will allow us to:

Purchase higher-ticket items to improve the lives of Alyssa, Marvin, Michelle, Lorraine and Freddie, and musical equipment for the Street Sense theater group
Increase the production value of our film and pay our staff better, as well as help us pay for festival applications and outreach campaigns.


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