Check Out This Skilled 14 Year Old!


Vynyard Grymes is the son of Collective Member SaintLike, and at age 14 is becoming quite the artist. The pair just recently teamed up on a Hardwell Remix and entered it into a Beatport competition. PLEASE GO SHOW SOME LOVE AND VOTE FOR THEM!!

Vynyard Grymes, normally known as “Andrew,” grew up in the studio with his dad, a highly skilled record producer and audio engineer. Andrew was and is regularly surrounded by artists of all sorts; DJs, producers, emcees, musicians etc. He was frequently present for recording and mix down sessions and even spent hours with SaintLike at the piano as early as age 2. He first touched turntables at the age of 5 and was often found in the vocal booth freestyle rapping about things like cake and wolves.

Besides doing his own mixing (and rapping about the delicious treats and the most badass animals of the animal kingdom) Andrew is a part of a group called Otonin that has done a few originals and remixes of their own. Check ’em out!

When not being a boss in the studio, Andrew is doing all kinds of sweet stuff in normal life. He has been playing Saxophone in school band since 6th grade, concert band, AND jazz band. He was a part of the award winning competition Marching Band at his high school this year. He is involved with the Music Technology program at his school where he is often looked to as a mentor as well as a student.

Andrew is just another example of the loads of talent we have right here in D.C. Keep on supporting local artists (of all ages)!  You can start by showing some love and helping Vynard Grymes win a contest. Then go spread the word and tell all your friends. Oh, and be sure to keep following his dad…he’s a damn good artist too!

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