Breaking Story: The Blue Note Has Blown It, The Howard Theatre Has No Heat!



Follow up: We met with Shani Pace, the current GM of the Howard Theatre, and she reassured us that they are working very hard to present the theatre in the way that it was meant to be. She is working day and night, including renting space heaters prior to the furnace being replaced, to make sure that the Howard is warm and wonderful, just as we expect it to be.

More updates soon, hope is on the horizon.

Update from HTR: Blue Note Mgmt has replaced the furnace and the heat is working at the venue tonight, all faith in humanity has been restored! …

Update: Blue Note Mgmt says the part to fix the heat will be delivered Monday and all events will go on as scheduled this weekend. 1/14

Update: MPD is on the scene…

In the never-ending saga that is the relationship with Blue Note, the organization has really sunk the ship and is refusing entry to the Howard Theatre Board of Directors to address the lack of heat.

You read that right. The HVAC system is in need of immediate repair and HTR (Howard Theatre Restoration) has mandated that events cannot and will not take place until it has been fixed. This is not a new issue, if you attended any shows in the last few months its consistently too hot or too cold, now we know why.

Who is the Blue Note you ask? They were the group that was originally hired to run the theatre which at the time seemed like a great idea. Why wouldnt they want to partner with a group who does big things, seemingly successfully, in New York. BB Kings, etc etc, these are flagship music venues that they ran well for a long time. That era is long gone. That era is dead. The Blue Note needs to go. A New York company is NEVER GOING TO UNDERSTAND DC CULTURE.

Now the gig is up, the heat is off and the city wants answers.

Reggae show? GoGo event tomorrow? Probably not….what does that mean for those promoters, probably not good news. DC, this is the time to stand up and fight for the most culturally significant venue in the world, The Howard Theatre. Tell the Blue Note to fix the heat and give up the keys, it’s time for them to go back to NY with their tails firmly planted between their legs. From a historic preservation standpoint, Blue Note how could you let this happen to the Howard Theatre???

The HTR was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2007 to bring the theatre back to life. Their constant committment to the historicity of the Theatre is so important in this changing landscape. They recognize that the theatre is a source of pride and brilliance of artistic accomplishment, they understand why the Howard Theatre is so important to this city. Please join them in their fight against Blue Note to take the Howard Theatre back.

For additional information contact Howard Theatre Restoration, Inc at [email protected]

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