Grab The Boombox App And “Make Your Own Noise” At The Funk Parade



How to Use Boombox from Funk Parade on Vimeo.

Yes, the 2016 Funk Parade event occurring on May 7th in Northwest DC is *ACTUALLY* a parade. To that end, the parade’s organizers have created Boombox. While not quite a stereo, this Boombox is an app that allows you, as they state, to “be a part of the parade and make a ton of noise even if you dont play an instrument.” The Funk Parade team partnered with a group of developers at Deloitte Digital to create a free mobile app that consists of eight unique boomboxes, each playing a unique section of a composition by sound artist Alex Braden that uniquely synch up with each other and any combination of tracks played at the same time.

The above video featuring Kokayi and Torie from Cherry Blossom Creative shows what to do with said app, and how to deploy it on 5/7 when the parade lines up by the Howard Theater at 3:30pm to march down the U Street corridor.

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