Big Flock x Rico Nasty -They Won’t Believe You


Last Thursday (March 30, 2017) Big Flock was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison for possession of narcotics and firearms. This is actually a big break for the Maryland rapper, who was originally facing 20 years.  The original arrest stemmed from a music video that was released (not his own) that ultimately led to a house search, where drugs and guns were found.
On Thursday, Flock stood before the court and read a letter in which he apologized for wasting every one’s time, accepted responsibility for his actions, and apologizing to his daughter; whom he loves the most. The heartfelt letter is honest and heartbreaking, but was also instrumental in helping Flock’s case. The US Attorney General suggested all young drug dealers read his Letter to The Youth. While he has read a lot of letters, he stated that Flock’s was different. Despite the letter and Flock’s platform as an artist, the judge couldn’t give him special treatment.
Despiste the ruling, Big Flock is in good spirits and will continue to release music and videos, including his recent collaboration with female emcee Rico Nasty They Won’t Believe You. The record is produced by MK and will be featured on Big Flock’s upcoming project “Sonny 2”Check out the track below!


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