All The Best Kids – Where Did You Go?



Since we’ve already mentioned All The Best Kids today, we thought we’d keep the theme going. This DMV indie hip hop act keep pushing boundaries of what exactly hip hop “should sound like.” Case in point, there newest drop, a luscious slab of indie dance sporting a serious flow, by the name of Where Did You Go?.

At first, when the four on the floor kicks drop, you wonder if you’ve played the right thing, and once the jangly guitar parts kick in, along with that tell-tale wood block rhythm, you feel very disoriented indeed. But once the MC starts spitting, the synchronicity clicks superfluously. In all of this hybridization, nothing feels forced of contrived. The Rapture meets nu disco sounds get catchier and catchier while the flow keeps your head bobbing on and on. Mixing things up with a nice pop hook, and some killer male/female trade off vocal hooks, and All The Best Kids have lived up to their name. All of which begs the question: “Who cares what a genre is ‘supposed’ to be?” Just make music with feeling.

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