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Small talks with Mr.C, the mastermind behind the international SUPERFREQ. 

So, what new and interesting things have you been up to recently Richard?

I’ve been extremely busy as usual. I’ve just done my first Superfreq in Dallas Texas, wow, which was amazing. I also have Superfreq in Denver Colorado the week after being in DC with you guys & next month I have Superfreq at EndUp in San Francisco & at a secret location in Los Angeles so really enjoying bringing Superfreq to America. Of course Superfreq continue in London in a few weeks time too.

I’ve also started teaching, which is taking up a fair amount of time, teaching Creative visualization, Positivity & Meditation.  I’ve also been busy with music of course having recently released the Anti Sailing EP by the Sycophant Slags on Get Physical & also have a couple of new mixes out there, the Ibiza Voice podcast: & of course Freq 7:

Where do you draw your inspiration from when sitting down to create a new mix to add to your series of Freq mixes?  

I draw inspiration from all the wonderful new vinyl that’s being released. I like the Freq mixes to differ from each other so I always try to do something a little different from the one before. With Freq 7, I was inspired, somewhat by Burning Man. When I went through my record box, there were 23 records that I wanted to put on this mix. I also like to keep my Freq mixes below 80 minutes as they can then be easily burned to CD for people to play in their cars etc but it’s not easy getting that many tunes into a mix that’s under 80 minutes long. Also, to challenge myself, I had to play each record in its entirety which meant doing super long drawn out mixes & when the mix is done, get the next tune in right away. I managed to get 21 tunes on to Freq 7 & needless to say it very different to my other Freq mixes.

Now that 2012 is on our heels and we’re saying goodbye to another party year, what would you say were the highs for Superfreq in 2011?

That’s a tough question. Superfreq’s 9th anniversary in London was extremely E’special & the Superfreq Villa party in Malibu in June is hard to top. We’ve also had amazing parties in Calais, Moscow, Costa Rica, last weekend in Dallas has to be right up there, the Superfreq warehouse in Chicago was off the chain & the opening party in Ibiza was also special. Roll on 2012.

When it comes to the venues you play at Richard, what’s that kind of atmosphere and vibe you can really get down with?

I really like smaller & mid size venues as I can dig way deeper into my record box without having to think about creating a big room vibe. Smaller rooms are more intimate & I find you can get a lot deeper with people. For me my favourite atmosphere is when the music is extremely futuristic & tripped out with sexy bass lines & the crowds are clued up about dance music & are adult & sexy. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

What’s the most odd or wacky event you’ve headlined in your DJ career?

I played a friend’s sons Bar Mitzvah in Jersey a few years ago, it was so much fun. The kids were so into the modern dance music, they were going nuts & the adults were hilarious. Half of them were ravers & loved it & the other half was somewhat disgusted. Me, I had an absolute blast. 

Since we can all agree that you’re a well respected and seasoned veteran in this Dance Music industry, what is the #1 thing that sticks out most in your mind that you want to share with the up and coming DJs, producers, artists and or new label owners? Something they can take with them as they grow.

The first thing is not to take yourself too seriously & to have a much fun as possible with what you’re doing. This way you can lead be example with what you do which makes it fun for everyone concerned, yourself & the crowd included. Next, do keep your musical integrity about yourself as if you start playing or making music by numbers just because it’s what you think others will like, even though you may get rich, you won’t have nearly as much fun doing so. Of course if you only want to earn money then listen to none of the above. 😉

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Don’t hold out on us here and it doesn’t have to be involved with music either but even better if so!

That’s a tough question as I’m an extremely silly individual & don’t embarrass easily. I can think of a time switching with a girls clothes at an after hours & I can vaguely remember being so drunk at Bora Bora in Ibiza that I couldn’t mix & I can even remember falling over a monitor speaker while performing live on stage with The Shamen but I’m so thick skinned I’m not embarrassed by any of these

Finally, Richard, you’ve accomplished so much over your career span in this industry and have been at the bud of inspiration for others in music and more, can you tell us what is your next big dream or goal that you want to accomplish in the future that we can look forward to seeing?

I have a few different dreams & goals. My biggest dream is to set up community sports, arts & leisure centers where underprivileged youth can go learn the arts, and sports etc. for free & then turn this learning into successful professional careers. They would then be under contract with these centers upon graduation so they would have to put 10% of their earnings from these careers back into these community projects which will make them not only self sustaining but in continual growth. The only way I know to be able to be rich & famous enough to make a good start on this will be to make me next dream of becoming an extremely successful actor happen. Watch this space. 😉

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