Baltimore Club is Alive and Well with Dj AngelBaby – Get Pumped Vol. 2



For a lot of in the DMV, Baltimore Club is sacred. Starting on the mean Bmore streets and then taking over the entire world, at it’s height, we spent countless hours going hard to gunshot samples and hands up chants. But all things fade, and that was more than a minute now. Still, Baltimore Club hasn’t died, and never will. In fact, everyday more kids into the game to bring that spirit back. One of them, DJ AngelBaby just dropped a stellar Bmore centric mix. It’s the kind of mix that gets raw in the club in a way that a lot of us will connect very personally to. But beyond the toped of Baltimore Club, AngelBaby also embraces the growing club culture, embracing the likes of Philly and Jersey as well.

This is a solid mix that will have you goin hands up thumb down all day and night.

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