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NEW MUSIC: Backbeat Underground Feat. Aaron Abernathy – “She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do)”


Backbeat Underground

Backbeat Underground

We are excited to introduce Backbeat Underground, who recently liberated a new song titled “She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do),” which features assistance from Aaron Abernathy. Unapologetic Jazz/Soul is the best way to explain such an amazing masterpiece. Also:

[The song] carries a message that deserves to be heard. There’s something about the times that needed to be voiced…think of it as a letter to America from a marginalized person’s pen. But as they say a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down: so we laid it down, wrapped it in a love song, and slathered it in brass.

Check out the track below, along with in-studio footage of the song’s creation.


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