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Artless Review: Sir EU – ‘Some Friend You Are’



Sir EU’s new tape “Some Friend You Are” is as peculiar as a man in a tailored tuxedo chasing down pigeons at rock creek park… but I love it; it makes you want to live again. Through an 8 track project, EU is not only able to reshape the sound you’d expect from DMV music, he also manages to to reshape the way to build an album around sound itself. He drags listeners through periods of lofi production and vocals during sweltering points of the album and then intertwines crystal clear tattoo-worthy rhyme schemes as bouncingly as hip hop ballet dancers. I get why EU is a DC fan favorite, his music is a direct reflection of the city.


The first track begins with a sample of a woman speaking japanese(maybe) before an interstellar beat comes in to cover the bassline. “Yeah we be warriors, yeah we be glorious, you keep ignoring us, we got your back.” begins a sparse hook that is half covered by the sample and almost combating the melody of the star trek style beat. It wasn’t really my style upon first listen, but it was definitely listenable.

First Listen Rating: 6.5/10


“I Never Fucked Wayne, I Never Fucked Drake,
All My Life I’ve Been A Young Snake,
In my Life I’ll Probably Become A Financial
Force That Niggas Must Hate”

The bassline is just as ethereal as the last track, Kamil, but the vocals starts off with a laidback aggression. EU catches a rhyme pocket similar to quicker-tongued Curren$y that double dutches between riding smooth as an 86’ Cadillac and choppy as my favorite bodega chicken & cheese sandwich. The song may not be a radio single, but it definitely would still be impressive to even the least of music fans.

First Listen Rating: 8.5/10

Oh Boy Yea

The beat is undoubtedly infectious as soon as it drops and my head immediately starts to sway as I hear the slowed down vocals for a chorus that I can’t quite understand but everything about the track feels just right. This track is a direct reflection of the “punk rap” wave that the DMV has been teetering between for the past year or so.

Rating: N/A; this track is all about vibes & those are concrete


The track starts with what sounds like a combination of a money counter & a heart monitor, which sums up the sound of this album perfectly; constantly streaming between the success & social dilemma of being a rising artist in an effervescent technological age. The lofi production keeps me from understanding each and every single word but like a jean-michel basquiat painting, you understand that as a whole the verses are creating a picture the generation has been asking for.

Rating: 7/10

Too Problematic

“I’m too problematic to stay woke
My shoes still get examined with every walk
Im cool, granted my scruples in every vault
My tools shoot like its doing a ted talk
Im a blue hulk becoming a red hawk..”

& this is what I meant within the intro; when EU wants to rhyme, he’s a top tier lyricist, bar none. Throughout the song he bounces around with the idea of the freedom of having a prepaid phone while the lyrics work within sounding like a freestyle and a verse that would take an average rapper a decade to scratch the surface. The beat is minimalistic at its base with a tinge of EDM production that jumps onto it whenever it feels like. The news report in the background seems to have no context with the rest of the album but I’m sure it has its own story to EU.

Rating: 8.5/10

Even Tho + Fuck Off

Even Tho found a great melody but it really wasn’t the sound that I was looking for although I definitely understand that it will have its own niche audience regardless. “Fuck Off” starts with an obscure anime sample & EU proclaiming that, “Two Thousand fucking bucks is right Janice!”

“You just took your talents off the red line
Time to replenish your air time”- “Fuck Offf”

Exactly. Lines like these are what keeps EU at the forefront of DC’s music. It’s not music’s greatest metaphor but it keeps its on poetry while saying the simplest of things. Loved this track & sound, definitely one of my favorites on the album.

Rating: 8.5/10

Wrote It Off ft. EU

This is definitely the most “mainstream” applicable beat of the entire album & it starts with an airy chorus by rob smokes I believe before live drums come into the mix and add even more layers to the melodic production. The song plays out like an “indie-grunge band” from the 80’s but its infectious regardless. The lyrics are once again recorded in lofi so not every word is discernible but it still finds the ability to be catchy and intriguing, almost like if Morcheeba was recording out of their garage.

Rating: 7.5/10


When EU asked me to purchase a cd, I scrambled to help him get it on the internet and he simply told me, “nahh man it ain’t about the means, I’m just trying to weed some people out.”, and I should have known right there that I was in for a ride. The album flirts with SoundCloud punk rock, black thought’s latest freestyle & what I’ve always imagined basquiat’s rock band “grey” to sound like. It’s the amalgamation of an artistically driven time period in the underground bloom of the millennial labeled #NewDC and I’m excited for it. Be prepared to be confused, lost, and time-warped but overall you won’t leave this album not being intrigued by what EU was able to cultivate. This may not be the album of a lifetime but it will definitely go down in the history books as the artistic lifestyle within an album.

Rating: 7/10. Even Legends gotta start somewhere.

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