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Artless App Of The Week: TipYourself


Interested in saving money? No?.. well if you’re that well off then maybe you can skip this app all together. BUT if you’re apart of the other 99% of us in the United States, saving money is an absolute must & TipYourself helps you do just that! TipYourself offers you options of $2, $5 & $10 as well as provides incentives for you to be able to congratulate yourself on not spending money & saving it instead. Did you walk to work instead of taking the train? TIPYOURSELF!! Did you fill up on samples at the mall instead of buying lunch? TIPYOURSELF!! Did you wash your clothes at your friend Tony’s house instead of the laundromat? TIPYOURSELF!! Think of TipYourself as the responsible buddy in your crew who just wants you to be a little more financially responsible to make sure you’re always able to get yourself out of a tight squeeze. Recently I’ve been using it for a trip to Ireland me and a few buddies are planning and it’s started off pretty awesome within these past few weeks to say the least. Nothing that’ll help me retire in the next year, but saving up an extra couple hundred every month can definitely add up to some extra gifts, a few trips or at least it can hold you over during hard times. So either way, whether you absolutely need to save a couple dollars or you’re just working towards building a future, TipYourself is definitely a reliable source to help you save and boost your ego at the same time.

Only Cons: I’ve recommended this to a few friends who are far enough into adulting that they don’t feel comfortable congratulating themselves for the simple wins in life but hey, I think thats more on them than the app. Also, the UI isn’t THE prettiest in the world, but it definitely gets the job done.

Overall ranking: 3.5/5, Definitely worth writing home about, but I wouldn’t travel all the way to Georgia to scream it from the mountains. It’s free, it’s simple & it works.

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