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Artless’ App Of The Week: SweatCoin


The App Of The Week: SweatCoin
Created By: SweatCo LTD
App Store Rating: 3.7/5 (4,719)

Are you a fan of walking? Well even if you aren’t, are you a fan of getting paid? Then check out this app I just found called SweatCoin.

Simply turn it on and it tracks your walking — which I’m still sort of paranoid about — and then you get paid. It has its cons because you have to keep it on all day, which drains your battery a bit; you can also put it on battery saver mode. Either way, after using it for the past week, it’s definitely made me conscious to double my steps which I’ll tack down as an overall plus.

The offers are only mild and seem like they may take forever to get anything worth of any value. With that said, it’s not the worst thing ever if you’re into it more for the good spirit and trash talk to your significant other about who really exercises more. So if you plan on strolling around for the next 3 months as Spring starts kicking in and you don’t think it would be terrible to get a $50 Amazon card for it, then this is the app for you. If you like free tea, half-off yoga lessons and saving $10 dollars on dog fashion, then this app was actually made with you in mind.

So go ahead and check out SweatCoin, if this app is around in 2020 you may have even stacked enough to get a 1,000 Delta miles for a trip to futuristic vegan AfroPunk and Purple Drink-based Coachella, or an iPhone X that would now be 4 years old, but either way I’m with it.

App Rating: 3.5/5 Stars; If you’d rate your current app selection as as 85 or above you can skip this one, but most people need to get give it a try.

Check out more via SweatCoin’s official website.

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