25 Photos From 18 Redefining Days For One Love Massive And Washington, DC



From April 20-May 7, we here at One Love Massive probably spent a grand total of hundreds of hours attempting to redefine the future of arts and the socio-politcal structure of both underground and mainstream popular culture in the Nation’s Capital. Between our Massive One Love Block Party on April 20, our all-local second stage at Broccoli City and #DCASFUNK Funk Love Massive event during May 7’s Funk Parade we showcased nearly 50 locally sourced musical acts, and probably gave all of you ten times more in the way of hugs and hopefully infinitely more in the way of great vibes.

Ideally, we see pieces of so many key cultural touchstones as a part of where a redefining Washington, DC is headed. We’re trying to stand directly in the midst of all of these impulse and give the most important of them the most spiritually enriching and personally rewarding presentation possible. Ideally, after hanging out with us for a few hours, the desire is birthed in you to push towards kindness and awareness that the city’s future — though oftentimes filled with a reasonable need for fright — can also be cultivated into something unique, positive and magical.

We know that One Love Massive (and thus DC’s future as well) is strongly based in hip-hop culture. Therefore, like rap’s five elements, we know that graffiti will document the city’s history. As well, we believe that emcees will convey the city’s welcoming message, DJing gives our movement heart, drums provide the space for the art, dance allows for healthy expression and we’re always aiming to promote knowledge of self and purpose.

As well, we remember that DC was once “Chocolate City” and borrow from the Black Panthers’ 10 Point Program in order to promote the city discovering it’s destiny via our events, and for local artisans being employed for their art. In short, we wish — by what we’re doing — for everyone in DC to be able to have sustainable access to land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace.

In these 25 photos taken over three events held in 18 days you’ll get a sense of a bit of how much we obsess over the city’s history, appreciate it’s present and love it’s future. From faces you know to names you’re invited to come out and discover, we strongly feel that some of the absolute best of what the Nation’s Capital has to offer is here.

More importantly, we’ve only just gotten started. Wait until you see what’s coming next.

Thanks to photographers Chris Bulbulia, Renita Clarke, Damani, DC Supersid, Nate Russell, Xia Xianne, Vibe Magazine and more for the shots.

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