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“Insert Name Here” is a series focusing on the politics behind closed doors in our nation’s capital and abroad co-hosted by Ian Taronji and Scott Remley.


Produced by The OLM Creative Factory
Edited by Mike Phillipz

Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law, was in direct communication with the Russian government during the Trump campaign bringing the accusations closer to Donald Trump.

The CBO has come back with their score on the new and improved AHCA bill (Trumpcare) and Donald Trump’s proposed budget. CBO estimates show 23 million will lose healthcare coverage and 14 million would lose coverage in its first year. The Trump budget also has a lot of cuts specifically targeting governmental agencies that aren’t military or defense. What does this say about our vision of the quality of living in the future?

MORON OR ASSHOLE: Conservatives pushing the Seth Rich theories

There are very clear motives here as it gives an alternative explanation for the Wikileaks hack of the DNC which exonerates the Russians and, by extention, the Trump campaign. Is this a bigger piece with other conspiracy theories conservatives have fallen for like Benghazi, Pizzagate, Jade Helm, Fast & Furious, and Vince Foster?

Molly Ruland from One Love Massive, and countless others, took it upon themselves to address Diet Starts Monday’s “Pill Cosby” cocktail leading to a crowdsourced act of activism which instituted change.

Jazz vocalist Aaron Myers’ Facebook live posts from the pulpit on Sunday mornings.

The photos of Trump’s meeting with the Pope were released – and they show a side of the Pope which goes often unseen. Cringe.

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