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Tee Cardaci is a dj and producer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His deep crates, eclectic tastes and general depth of music knowledge set him apart from many in the scene today. He has travelled the world, igniting dance floors as well as educating them, with his deep disco, house and rare groove sounds. He released three full length Lp’s as part of 2 Block Radius (with Tom Cloutman and Nicole Maison), including tracks for Om Records and Clean Recordings, as well as a handful of tracks and remixes under his Beat Nicker moniker. These days he occasionally releases tracks, remixes and edits under his Sine Qua Non moniker when he’s not sipping caipirinhas on Ipanema Beach.

He is the host of Deep & Dusted on London’s Downlow Radio (www.TheDownlowRadio.com) and is a co-owner of the San Francisco based electronic music label, Low Down Grooves, along with Gabriel Elash and Tom Cloutman.

This year (2011) marks Tee’s 20th anniversary as a dj, having begun spinning his freshman year of highschool in the Washington, D.C. area. His university years saw him producing more underground events than attending classes. It was during this time as well that he got his start in radio, launching the ground breaking mix show, “Future Listening”, on 91.3 WZMB in North Carolina. An offer of an internship at Hardkiss Music and Sunburn Recordings gave him the excuse he was looking for to leave the East Coast for San Francisco, California in 1997. The next 11 years would see Tee holding down residencies at two of the cities homes for deep house music: Liquid & The Top, as well as constant gigging around the cities other venues, around the country and the occasional international episode.

In 2008, Tee left his home of San Francisco for the warmer climes of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil were he cofounded the Botafogo Social Club night. In addition to being a frequent guest on the radio mix shows Bump Beat and Electric Panties, Tee continues to play gigs everywhere from the rooftop penthouses to the biggest woman’s prison in Brazil (true!) and every spot in between.

Selected discography of Tee Cardaci

Sine Qua Non //
“Dontchu Know (U Got Me)” : 2008
“Lago das Saudades” : 2008
“Crystalized” the xx : (Remix, 2008)
“Luv Delux” Cinnamon Chasers : (Remix, 2009)
“Peace” Depeche Mode (Remix, 2009)
“Trouble Is A Friend” Lenka : (Edit, 2009)
“Plump Bisquit” Femme En Fourrure : (Edit, 2010)
“Bay of Pigs” Destroyer : (Edit, 2010)
“Pancho Villa” : (Edit, 2011)
“Sly and Sleazy” Magic Sam Blues Band : (Edit, 2011)

The Beat Nicker //
We Dig It The Most : 2004 (2 Block Radius Music)
F**k That Funk : 2008
Soul Frandisco : 2007 (Remix)
Ho’s Jack Jackin’ : 2007
B-O-O-T-A-Y : 2007 (Remix)
96 Tears : 2007 (Remix)
Je Ne Te Connais Pas : 2006 (Remix)
Bota Pra Dançar : 2008 (Remix)
Again & Again : 2008 (Remix)

2 Block Radius (with Tom Cloutman & Nicole Maison) //
Crossed Wires : 2 Block Radius Music, 2000
Loose Connections : 2 Block Radius Music, 2002
Another Point of View : 2 Block Radius Music, 2003
Woowah Hustle : Clean Recordings Sampler, 2003
You Can’t have Your Cake : Om Records, 2003
6 Blocks Deep : 2 Block Radius Music, 2004

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