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Team One Love had an absolute blast at the North American Bicycle Week in Detroit March 27-30. Which was hosted by Detroit Bike City.

“Detroit Bike City was formed in 2012 to promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle initiative. Along the way we learned that the view from a bike seat is an intimate and effective way to experience the City of Detroit from a perspective that one just can’t get from a newspaper or their television set. Detroit Bike City gained national attention for its weekly Monday evening bike ride called Slow Roll Mondays that routinely drew crowds of over 1,500 riders; on all types of bikes; from all corners of Michigan and beyond.

As an outgrowth of the popularity of the Slow Roll Mondays, Detroit Bike City has become a champion for all things bikes in the City of Detroit. Currently Detroit Bike City hosts numerous weekly bike rides, bike centric events, and have been asked to participate and help co-ordinate numerous other bike-centric events. In 2011 Detroit Bike City produced its first, one day, annual Detroit Bike City Bicycle Expo in Cobo Center, Detroit with over 2,000 attendees and 100 exhibitioners. This year Detroit Bike City is proud to announce the first annual North American Bicycle Week which will feature four full days of events, bike rides, educational seminars and of course the new, improved and greatly expanded Detroit Bike City Bike Expo.”

They were some amazingly gracious hosts. We hung out with some of the Detroit Bike City crew, met some killer street artists, handed out some killer OLM and Grindstone gear, won a race (yup), and biked our… seats off. We can’t thank everyone involved enough for an excellent event.

Check out this killer video! If you look closely you can see One Love Massive Team Member Jeremy Olmstead winning the sprint! 🙂

Special love to The Bikes & Murder Crew out of Detroit, you can find them here.

Big shout out to the Detroit Bike City and their super dope Slow Roll, you can find them here.

Here’s an awesome video of the season opener Slow Roll

Mad respect for the people over at Detroit Hustles Harder for living up to their name, you can see whats good here.

It all went down a lot like this (All photos by Dustyn Willis):

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