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DMV Raper Davy Fresh just released his new album “Every Dark Night” last Friday. To celebrate, he hosted a release party and listening session at Bucketfeet.

When asked what prompted him to make this album, Davy Fresh responded: “Every Dark Night… would be my statement to hip hop that I can hold my own. This album is a representation of what it means to dream and hope to inspire other dreamers and creatives at the same time paying homage to other great influencers in hip hop. I feel like DC hip hop was missing heart and creativity and I knew by doing this album it could inspire and create a shift in what is consider to be creative rap verses the regular trap or mumble rap you hear artist produce everyday.”

The love Davy Fresh has for his craft and his community shows in his work, that kind of artistic integrity is something to be admired.

Check out some shots from the release party as well as the official album release party video.

Album Release Party Video:

Get the album here:

Apple Music
Amazon (physical copies)

Music visuals from the album links:
“No Hiding”
“Unfinished” (feat. MioTiga)
“D.R.U.G.S” (feat. The Product)
“10 Jays Part 2”

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