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Joey Tarantino was born in June, 1993 and was raised in New York but came to Maryland when he was 10 years old and picked up the guitar upon turning 13 after hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time and he’s been playing ever since. Since he has started playing, Joey has toured in thirteen states on the east coast in a melodic punk band called Centerfield and has since been writing both solo music (acoustic folk/indie) and with Max Robinson akaAntihero (psychedelic hip hop fusion). Joey has released one album so far as a solo artist and is releasing his next solo album in May 2016 in addition to a collaboration album withAntihero as the All American Hero which is set to be released in April 2016. In spring of 2015, Joey joined Max in experimenting with visuals. After experimenting with some TVs and a visual synth Max had acquired, they soon started building installations just to see where they can take it. Every month, Max and Joey find new ways to expand and diversify themselves as visual artists and musicians, building new installations and creating new sounds with an aesthetic that leaves many wanting to see and hear more. Joey is also a member of the DMV collective CMPVTR CLVB

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