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Illegal Lizard came from the west coast to Washington, D.C. in 2009. He quickly began DJing on a regular basis at some local hot spots.

He also has worked with Mr. Greene, Sammy K Arsam(SoulSway), Dan Sampson, LJ MTX, Charles Martin, DJ Kam, DJ Kenny Hollywood Hart, DJ Octane Lickashot, DJ Fotifo, DJ Ashe,Damion Dan as well as building relationships with other peers such as Molly Ruland, Doug Van Sant, and John E Black (Romania). Now he has a few releases on Fever Sound Records soon to be feature

Derek grew up playing several instruments with his
father and grand father, though he has always loved the deep tones of
progressive rock and electronic music. He got his first guitar when he
was 4 and has been making music ever since. Being influenced by a
Peter Gabriel/Genesis style of progressive music, with classical and
jazz undertones, he wanted to play music that moved in that direction
and that’s when he found house.

Good storytellers are adept at pulling people into their tales with
enthralling character development and captivating plot. Thats what Illegal Lizard
is all about.

Affliliations: SetArtist/Conformity Not Music/TonDef Records/Fever
Sounds Records(under Billy Quest monicker)

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