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DAREL GRINDSTONE emerged upon the art scene with a gift for capturing the essence of organic emotion in his subjects. Dawson’s natural talent brings life to the notion of art with intention, and his work is an expression of an immense desire to guide his audience to examine through observation rather than through expectation. With an impressive light, shadow, and color combination, Dawson transposes the emotion of an absent subject to the one he chooses to objectify. He introduces a unique approach and talent into the world of art defined by a style that challenges the observer with both his broad spectrum of images and limitless energy. Whether using acrylic, charcoal, pen, ink, or prismacolor pencils, Dawson’s work exudes meticulous attention to balance and subtle detail. Walking the edge of both surrealistic and realistic expression, he funnels his vision to transcend mere imagery and tap into his observer’s subconscious with striking optical illusions. The raw mastery of his skill is evident throughout his mystically versatile collection of paintings that individually defy traditional boundaries and collectively share a similar expression of intensity. Hailing from Oakland, California, Dawson attributes his roots in the Bay Area to inciting his appreciation for nature and culture that is pervasive in his work. His artwork, which often reflects a retrospective journal of self-exploration, holds several hidden mean- ings that lure viewers to explore also the mystery within themselves. Befittingly describ- ing himself as introspective, observant, measured and analytical, it is no surprise that he graduated with honors from Hampton University (Virginia) as a Biology pre-med major, with an interest in psychiatry. Fascinated by the infinite potential of the human mind and its relation to behavior, Dawson realized his knack for painting while undertaking psychop- harmacological research at Johns Hopkins University

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