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This is episode 13 of #GetFed: your go to resource for food porn and nonsense hosted by Marcus Bradley Donovan (The Pasteurized Chef) and DJ/producer/fast food addict zacheser. Joining them this week is special guest Liz Whiting from The Industry Life.

Produced by One Love Massive Studios.


1. McDonald’s, fresh off the announcement they are planning on moving fresh patties to more locations outside of their Texas market, announced this week they are planning on making all of their Quarter Pounder sandwiches at all locations with fresh beef. Not to be outdone, Wendy’s took to social media to throw shade on the Golden Arches having been a fast food chain who’s famously used fresh beef at all locations for years. The roll out is anticipated to be complete by mid-2018.

2. The FDA will begin enforcing their mandate on calorie counts on menus. The mandate, which was a part of the Affordable Care Act, only applies to restaurants with 20 or more locations, but will more than likely spread to other restaurants as well. The mandate does not apply to condiments, daily specials, or limited time offers available for less than 90 days.

3. It was announced that Hardees and Carls Jr. are abandoning their “Slutburger” ad campaigns going forward. The ads, known for featuring scantily clad women eating burgers and camping up their sexuality, started as a stunt in 2005 and have featured such Women of the Moment as Paris Hilton and Kate Upton.

4. Move over Peeps! This year’s top Easter candy was Reese’s peanut butter chocolate eggs according to a recent survey done by RetailMeNot.

5. A recently married couple started trending on the internet this week after pictures from their wedding reception went viral. The couple opted to have a tiered pizza versus a traditional wedding cake.


With the weather warming up, it’s almost time for frozen treat season! On this week’s rendition of The Pantry, we’re going to list our three favorite frozen treats we like to have on a warm day: whether it’s a specific popsicle, adult beverage, or flavor of ice cream.


One of our local favorites, Taylor Gourmet, has started selling their seasonal specials with 9 sandwiches and 4 salads to choose from. This week, we’re gonna taste test 2 of the options they have for consumers during the spring season: the Messi, a citrus braised pork sandwich with chimichurri and Fresno chili, and the Montana, a roasted lamb sandwich with harissa yogurt sauce and other fixings.





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