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Virginia resident and OLM member Blake9 has been working some musical magic with LA partner Bisquite Powerpoppin, under the moniker Nine:Fifteen. The duo’s upcoming album, “Shooting in the Dark,” is a heady wonderland of pop dripping bliss.

Flecks of electro and hip-hop dance with deep groves and R&B sensibilities on the sophomore effort, from the catchy flow of “30 Something Love,” to the brooding rhythms of “Right I Will.” Nine:Fifteen has put together a solid album of both unique and familiar sounds with, “Shooting in the Dark,” which drops May 14th on Candlewax Records. Check out the full stream below, and then go over to Candlewax page to pre-order now.

  1. Apr 30, 2013

    I want to see what Denman has to say about this recording.

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