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Adam Ross’s (Boss Ross, Associate) path to the dj booth was by no means a straight one. Born in Detroit, his loving parents and grandfather took him to weekly symphonies where by the age of nine he was singing on stage. One of his fellow choir mates introduced him to underground punk which he took to overnight. By age 20, his palette delved in many directions including post bop jazz, fusion and the occasional metalheadz compilation.

That was all changed when a German approached him in a dark bar and asked from where he came? Upon hearing the motor city, the German spouted off a dozen names and went frantically teetering about explaining the mistaken path his life had taken. None of these names sounded even vaguely familiar. From this day forward, associate immersed himself in electronic music. Through the medium of a data entry position, associate was afforded ample leave to study Derrick May, Theo Parrish, Plastikman and every other important artist who attached to the city. As time passed he casually promoted and collected records for listening on the family record player. By 2007, most people knew of his association to Detroit within five minutes of meeting him or simply by looking at his Tee Shirt that day. In addition, he had many hours logged of service to his techno and house brethren in record shops, festivals and message boards, expanding knowledge and good cheer.

In 2008 the bug hit and associate began to collect vinyl at a pace most might drink water. His patience and well developed ears served him well as his collection is now sought after among local DC DJs. As he begins his career he shares a passion to inform, educate and move through listening. His top tens resemble those of Efdemin, Dixon and Lee Curtiss. He selects music which creates the same bliss he experiences on each listen and hopes to spread his spiritual connection throughout the area.

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