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Born in Nashville, TN. and now residing in Washington, DC, Ardamus has been a hip hop artist for years playing the role of an emcee and a producer in his own solo act and also collaborative efforts. From sharing the stage with artists such as Souls Of Mischief, Joell Ortiz, and Phife Dawg to working on projects with the NIH, Ardamus has stood the test of time with great live shows and constantly building up catalogue of work for the public to enjoy.

Life Is A Humbling Experience [EP] (1999-2002]
Can’t Please Everybody Vol. 1 [EP] (2006)
Can’t Please Everybody Vol. 2 [EP] (2007)
Sitcalm (Ardamus & Kalicoh) – Sitcalm [EP] (2004-2007)
When Nothing Goes Right [album] (2008)
Ardamus & The Metaphyscial – A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living [album] (2009)
When Everything Goes Wrong 2.0 [mixtape] (2010)
FAR EXP – The Experiment Vol. 1 [EP] (2011)
ARDAPLUS (Ardamus + Double Plus) – A Fistfull Of Plutonium [album] (2011)
Ardamus & C Royal – I’m Not The One feat. Charlie Bucket [single] (2011)
FAR EXP – The Un-Xperiment Vol. 2 [EP] (2012)
Ardamus & C Royal – Wishin’ That Was Me [single] (2012)
Ardamus & C Royal – Quite Fresh feat. Chaquis Maliq, RNL, and Fleetwood DeVille [single] (2012)
Ardamus & C Royal – The Glass Is Half Full Of… [album] (2012)
The Square Pyramid (Ardamus + Infinito 2017) – The Square Pyramid [EP] (2012)
Phillin D. Blanks Snippets [EP] (2013)
Phillin D. Blanks presents: The M.I.A. Remixes [EP] (2014)
Phillin D. Blanks presents: The Adele Remixes [EP] (2014)
Phillin D. Blanks presents: The DiploRaff Decent Remixes [EP] (2014)
Phillin D. Blanks presents: The Gorillaz Remixes [EP] (2014)
Phillin D. Blanks presents: The Alice Russel Remixes [EP] (2014)
Live You Life feat. Kokayi [single] (2014)
Before I Replace You [EP] (2014)
At Least I Got Laid [single] (2014)
I Can’t Replace Me, Pt. 1: Improve [LP] (2014)
The Lucky So & So’s – The EP (2015)
I Can’t Replace Me, Pt. 2: Develop [LP] (2015)
DropLockers (Edword Asis, RNL, Ardamus) – Vol. 1: Beatbreakin’ [album] (2016)
After I Replace You [EP] (2016)
Thx4UrHONESTY.[liar] – [EP] (2016)

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