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Anna Mari


Anna Mari, 23 yr old MC/Singer, brings a new dimension to the female artist arena. Anna Mari is brilliantly versatile with an ability to switch style and moods throughout a string of records that bounce from R&B with candid and confessional lyrics to tracks where she’s straight out wrecking the mic.

Born to her Peruvian parents, Anna grew up in Washington D.C. At the age of 15, Smiley was influenced by a variety of music like Selena, Aaliyah, A Tribe called Quest, and the music of TLC, specifically Left Eye, which inspired her to take up rapping. Although, being a female MC was a struggle throughout high school, Smiley kept at it and continues dedicating herself to her music. At the age of 17, Smiley knew it was time to take music seriously. She began developing her sound and flow by performing at community open mics as well as filming videos for her YouTube channel.

In December of 2011, her homemade YouTube video, “93 ’til,” received over 4,000 views in less than a day. Today, that video has received over 30,000 views and continues to reach more fans across the country. Anna is an emerging innovative artist on the road to great success. This is just the beginning for her and she is definitely one to watch.

Anna has now teamed up with indie label and brand experts, Street Science Ent., based out of Houston, TX, Street Science Ent., which is a collaborative of Industry Influencers united to Develop Musicians Hitting the Mainstream.

Anna received a lot of attention from the video to her single “Bang Bang”, which premiered in October, 2013 on Mun2, the nations #1 Hispanic cable network and listed on the front page of, where she introduced her skills with fellow lyrical chopper, Kleva and his Htown entourage.

After being listed as top 8 Latina rappers in, she definitely hasn’t disappointed us with her follow up.

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